4minutes cafe is a vegan specialty cafe located in the Buda Castle. We offer a fine selection of La Cabra coffees, wild teas from Zhao Zhou, cold-pressed juices and raw vegan cakes.
We hope that the items shown here will bring you as much joy as the care and love with which we've selected them for you.

Please enjoy browsing our selection and hope to see you at our cafe soon!

Four minutes and coffee
Tranquility of paper cranes
here, now, in me



In Japan, the crane is a symbol of longevity. The crane is also a sacred bird of the Taoist tradition and is considered an extremely lucky omen. It is believed that by folding 1000 cranes, a wish made by the person folding them will come true, bringing good luck and blessings to the whole world.

If you visit us, you can also fold paper cranes with us...