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24Bottles - "Urban"

24Bottles - "Urban"

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The 24Bottles "Urban" collection is the perfect companion for everyday use with it's lightweight design.
Made from stainless steel and BPA-free materials. It's not advised to clean it in dishwasher as the paint may wear off.

The company's main objective is to minimize the ecological footprint while preserving personal style. The single-walled Urban bottle weighs only 110 grams and is ideal for everyday urban use. The number /-0.08/ indicated on the bottle represents the kilograms of CO2 emissions saved with each refill. (This is significant considering that) producing a half-liter plastic bottle generates 80 grams of CO2 pollution, which is why the number -0.08 is displayed on the bottle's surface.

250 ml:
Weight: 78 g
Height: 137 mm
Diameter: 65 mm

500 ml:
Weight: 116 g
Height: 210 mm
Diameter: 65 mm

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